DSC01627 - Edited

           Figuring out which animal I wanted to do my project on took a little time, but I had no doubt from the start that I wanted to cover the social ill of depression, because depression is a mental disorder that affects over 100 million people world wide, and it is estimated that  by 2020, depression will be the second most common heath problem in the world. After I decided that I wanted to create a super-dolphin, I began doing research on the animal and found out that dolphins use echo-location to locate their prey, which further lead me to decide that I wanted my dolphin’s superpower to be that it uses its echo-location to locate depressed people and as a mechanism to sound joy and peace into their lives. I used fabric, yarn/string, and wire because the color of my materials play a huge role in what my dolphin represents, and these colors are: blue (depression), green (renewal), and yellow(joy), and the color and shape of the wire also represents a red- eyed green tree frog, which symbolizes emotional healing. The shape of the animal resembles that of a dolphin (for the most part), and since many people think of dolphins as happy animals, I think this helps them have some type of idea of what my superpower is ultimately about, also, the colors serve as a guide to those who are familiar with what different colors commonly represent.


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