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          This project was one of the most emotional projects I’ve encountered in my life so far. My social ill, depression, hits very close to home for me, and I found myself working in a very deep frame of mind with it, just as the media began to report the loss of someone due to severe depression. Through this news, my project became alive, and I began take it more seriously because I further realized just how destructive my social ill is and how I want Asher (which means joy and blessed) to fight it. Through working on Asher, I realized how important the very placing of materials and colors can determine how a piece is interpreted by others, and that having contrasting elements to a piece can help it to convey a powerful message, i.e. when I decided to use blue and yellow to contrast depression with joy and when I used a bold red and green on the webbed feet to represent a red-eyed green tree frog. I plan on taking my fight against depression even further in the future, and I know that the events surrounding my creation of Asher will be a constant reminder to me of how important helping people with depression is. This post is dedicated to Matthew Warren.