I thought it was interesting what Debbie Grossman talked about during the keynote address during the gallery opening night. I especially found it interesting when she was talking about the inspiration for her Postmark collection. After grieving the loss of her mother, Debbie decided to make an art collection inspired by her mother’s letters. I agreed when she said that art is therapeutic for people who are going through issues in their lives. In her own words, ” People need to make art in order to have stable emotions,”. I also loved how she made the phrase “I miss you” such a staple in her collection, especially with the lamp that she made. She also expressed that she tried to use photography to work against death, which really captivated me because people who have passed still live in photographs of themselves. Grossman is someone that people can look up to in order to create exceptional pieces; she proves that even some of the most captivating pieces can simply be words on a page.